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Jimdo Review: Quick Website Builder (Just 3 minutes)

Design your website with everything you need as a small business.

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Shubham Gupta

Updated: Today 11:27 AM

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Jimdo is a website building platform that lets you build a website online in less time and effort. Jimdo offers you everything that you will need to build your own website and publish it online. You can build anything from a business or blog site to an e-commerce store using Jimdo and that too without using any coding!

We at Website Builder Expert focus mainly on testing these website builders and creating genuine reviews for you, so you could choose the best website builder as per your requirement and budget. Watch this quick video to better understand Jimdo.

Pros and Cons of Jimdo


✔️ Easy To Use (drag & drop)

✔️ Free Email, Domain & SSL

✔️ Access to HTML & CSS

✔️ Switch Templates Quickly
✔️ Excellent SEO & Analytics

✔️ Responsive Design

✔️ 0% Transaction Fees

✔️ Fast Loading Speed


❌ Limited Features & Extensions

​❌ Only email support available


Jimdo offers two ways of website creation, Jimdo Creator which is fully customizable and offers full control to the creator.


On the other hand, Jimdo Dolphin is an ADI based website builder that automatically creates a website.

What to Expect?

Jimdo claims that with its new editor users could create a website as fast as just in 3 minutes. In our research, we found that Jimdo puts a lot of effort to fulfil its claim. Jimdo offers an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that could literally build a website for you depending on your needs in just less than 3 minutes. Jimdo offers you two ways to create your website first Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin. Let's discuss them in detail:

Jimdo Creator is a full-featured website editing interface that allows you to customize your website the way you want. You can add in your own content, resize things, drag & drop elements, add sections, create custom animations and a lot more.

On the other hand, Jimdo Dolphin is an ADI (artificial design intelligence) program that builds a website for you in no time. All you have to do is answer few questions about your business and the type of website you would like to have. Jimdo ADI will then create a website for you!

Both Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin are excellent website builders and perform their job very well. We would suggest you choose Jimdo Creator if you want full control over your website and you are ready to spend some time and creativity while building your website. On the other hand, you could opt for Jimdo Dolphin for quick and instant result without much stress.

jimdo website builder


Jimdo Dolphin helps you by automatically creating a website for you.


Jimdo is very beginner-friendly and easy to use.


Jimdo offers 73% faster-loading speed when compared to other website builders like Wix

Why Choose Jimdo?

Jimdo's main aim is to make building websites more accessible, easier or, as the company says, "put the power of website building in the hands of the common people" so everyone could create their online presence and showcase their work to the world. Let's discuss a few important features that's offered by Jimdo:

Jimdo ADI (Dolphin)

We recommend you to use Jimdo Dolphin only as a starting point for your website to get an idea or the first look of your very own website. Jimdo Dolphin will easily give you an outlook based on the templates and features that other people in similar business are using to create their website.


After choosing Jimdo Dolphin as a starting point we recommend you to customize your website by yourself to meet the requirements for your business. Understand Jimdo Dolphin better by watching a quick video below

Ease Of Use

As we have already discussed that Jimdo Dolphin is a great tool to automatically build a website or a starting point for your website in almost 3 minutes, Jimdo can be considered as an intuitive and artificial intelligence based website builder.

With Jimdo website builder you could easily drag and reposition elements in your website and customize the font and colour of your website. Each and every element of your website can be customized on Jimdo.

jimdo dolphin

Fast Loading Speed

In our test of loading speeds, we found that websites built on Jimdo load faster than 73% of websites that are built on other website builders which is great. Though it is not the fastest loading speed as websites built on GoDaddy and Webflow are faster than Jimdo. However, when compared to some sophisticated website builders like Wix, Jimdo is much faster.

jimdo pages


Jimdo comes with basic as well as some advanced e-commerce tools to start your online store


Jimdo is perfect for small business that wants to go online quickly without much effort.

What's Jimdo Best For?

Jimdo is an outstanding website builder for both e-commerce or small business sites. You can easily pick a template according to your niche or business needs and customize it according to your niche. You could simply tweak few things and publish your website with your own brand name. It's that simple.


Jimdo Ecommerce lets you sell products with its business plan or higher. With Jimdo business plan or higher, you will get access to specific e-commerce templates. All its e-commerce templates are mobile-friendly and offer a very fast loading speed.


You could connect various payment providers available in your country to accept online payments. You could also accept cash on delivery payments via offline payments methods. You will also be able to create coupons, offer discounts, custom checkouts and much more. In short, you get everything that's essential for generating online sales.

jimdo online store

Small Business

Jimdo is perfect for small business that wants to go online quickly without much effort. You can have a professional-looking website to promote your brand. Jimdo offers you great features that will help your website grow rapidly. It also comes with lots of third-party apps that you could integrate into your website to increase functionality.


For a small business like café, restaurant, clinics, or even retail store Jimdo would be a great platform to sell your products, services, location and more. You could also use Jimdo email marketing tools to keep your customers updated.

jimdo for small business


Whether you are a small business or a retailer, we recommend you to go with Online Shop Basic Plan to give a kick start to your business.

Jimdo Pricing

Jimdo comes with a Free Plan which is also called Jimdo Play. Jimdo Play is free forever with some basic as well as advanced features. It gives you full access to its website builder so you could test its platform and make an informed decision. We recommend you to Try Jimdo for FREE

Jimdo also comes with four paid plans out of which two are for a regular website for a small business or portfolio and the other two are purely designed for e-commerce. Even if you own a small business we recommend you to go with the Basic Ecommerce Plan as there is no pricing difference ( both cost ₹500 ). Also, the e-commerce plan comes with lots of additional features that you may need in future.

Plans & Comparison




Jimdo Play

Free Forever

Website builder
Free Templates

All Basic Features

Responsive Designing

2 GB Bandwidth

500 MB Storage

Subdomain to Publish Online

Jimdo Logo at Bottom


at ₹300/mo

Features of Jimdo Play+

Free Domain + SSL
Best-in-class hosting

5 GB Storage

10 GB Bandwidth

1 Professional Email

Advanced SEO

Quick Google Indexing

Website Statistics
Remove Jimdo Logo
Email Support

Value for Money


at ₹500/mo

Features of Start+

15 GB Storage

20 GB Bandwidth

5 Professional Email

Online Shop

Expert's Choice


at ₹500/mo

Features of Grow+

Ecommerce Functionality
Accept Online Payments
0% Transaction Fees
Export Orders


at ₹650/mo

Features of Basic+

Product variants
Various product layouts
Discount codes
Social marketing
Social selling
Strikethrough prices


Before coming to a decision on whether you should choose Jimdo or not we suggest you at least try Jimdo for free. It won't take more than 3 minutes.

Experts Verdict

We are pleasantly surprised with the Jimdo Dolphin Editor. It's helps you to build a pretty effective first look of your website in 3 minutes but If you're willing to spend an hour or two customizing the text and images and adding more functionality to your website, you will be able to design a professional website according the you business.


Although Jimdo only provides email support but its really quick, Jimdo's customer service will in touch with you in no time. Jimdo is a brilliant tool for anyone who is not very tech savvy, short on time, or just needs a simple website.


We'd say this website builder is great for photographers, designers, restaurants, and other small businesses that just want to start with a simple online presence. Let's go: Try Jimdo For Free


Webflow is the best alternative to Jimdo in all aspects.

Jimdo Alternatives

While Jimdo appears to be a feature pack website builder for small business and eCommerce, some people might feel limited due to lack of design freedom and 100% customization like Webflow. It should be noted that creating a website on Webflow is definitely the best option but it is a time taking process and require some creativity too.



Best overall website builder with 100% customization without coding.

Starting @ $12/mo



A beginner friendly website builder specially created by WordPress CMS

Starting @ ₹160/mo



A modern website buider specially for landing pages & one page websites

Starting @ $8/mo

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