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SITE123: A Super Simple Ready-Made Website Builder

User-Friendly Website Builder For Beginners

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Shubham Gupta

Updated: Today 11:47 AM

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SITE123 is a very easy and intuitive website builder for beginners. It has a user-friendly interface, helpful tips and tutorials, and 24/7 live chat to guide you to create your first website within minutes. The default responsive design and customization would be more than sufficient for beginners. However, if you’re trying to build a fully customized website with freedom of designing then SITE123 may be quite limited for you. Read further to discover all the pros and cons of SITE123.

Pros and Cons of SITE123

✔️ Super Easy Website Builder

✔️ Ready Made Designs

✔️ Responsive Web Design

✔️ Multilingual Website
✔️ Excellent SEO

✔️ Unlimited web pages

✔️ 180+ Themes & Apps

✔️ 24X7 Customer Support


❌ Restricted Layout

❌ Limited Customization

❌ Everything is Pre-Defined


SITE123 is an super easy and beginner friendly website builder to create simple yet beautiful websites

What to Expect?

SITE123 is very easy to use and has great features that includes everything from mobile templates to personal blogging and e-commerce. If you want to create a portfolio website or a website for your new business, or even an online store with a few products, SITE123 would be more than enough for all your needs. But if your requirements are more complex, you might feel limited on SITE123.


Site123 makes creating websites easier and faster than ever. SITE123 offers you professionally designed templates that are responsive too. Their apps are easy to integrate and offer extension to the built in features. In addition to that the 24X7 customer support has got you covered for everything that you need.


With that said lets move on to Why you should use SITE123 for your website.

easy website builder


Creating a website on Site123 is as easy as form filling.


Site123 offers you to create multilingual website so user can browse website in their preferred language


SITE123 comes with 180+ plugins, SEO tools and lot more to boost your website rankings and add features to your website.

Why SITE123?

SITE123 provides more than 180 templates as a starting point for your website. The compelling features, functionality and convenience makes SITE123 really interesting. Here’s a list of some SITE123 features that I find especially useful for growing a business.

Easy to Use

SITE123 starts by asking you a few questions about your business or the type of website you are trying to create, and then creates a template with relevant features and pages based on the information you provided. So creating a website with Site123 is like form filling for starters and then customizing the design of your website to suit your business. With SITE123 you could create your online business within few hours.

site132 editor


The SITE123 website builder is itself in 21 different languages, so it becomes easy for you to create your website in your native language. You can choose to display your website in 5 different languages at a time. Your site visitors will get an option to change the language of your website as and when required. You could also change the language of your website depending on visitors geo location. For example you could choose to display your website in Hindi for visitors coming from India.

multilingual website builder

SEO & Plugins

SITE123 offers you a wide range of plugins and apps to customize the SEO of your website. However, all these tools might not be included in your plan so you could choose to pay an extra amount for some advanced features. But in case if you are a gold subscriber you will get excess to the inbuilt SEO advisor provided by SITE123.


We recommend you to use Google Analytics for SEO which is an inbuilt app in the SITE123 app market. it is the best and free tool available in the SITE123 app market provided by Google for better SEO performance.

Site123 plugins


SITE123 comes with great SEO and plugins which makes it suitable for creating a blog, portfolio or landing pages.


Site123 covers basic ecommerce feature to give a kick start to your online store, also if you are looking to create a business website. Site123 is a great option for you.

What's SITE123 For?

As we have already discussed SITE123 is a super easy and super simple website builder which is best suited for beginners or for those who want a ready made website real quick. Site123 allows you to go online with very little effort. Lets discuss what SITE123 could be best used for.

Blogging & Portfolio

SITE123 has got really cool and important built in features to help you start your first blog. SITE123 comes with pre integrated analytics, social integrations, a site search bar, and RSS. These features combinedly make SITE123 a solid option for your blog.


However it might not have everything you need, for instance archiving, and a comment section are important part of your blog which is not offered by SITE123. But you could install a 3rd party plugin for integrating comment section to your blog.

start a blog website

Business & Ecommerce

It's easy to create a simple, uncluttered company website that shows what your business is about. You can use CTAs (calls to action) buttons and email marketing tools. It also comes with an in built e-commerce features included in all paid plans however, advanced e-commerce features offered only in 'Professional' and 'Gold' plans.


Overall SITE123 is a great option for simple business websites and even for those looking to sell some products. If you want something more substantial, you need a more powerful solution like Webflow or Shopify.

site123 ecommerce


SITE123 has one free and four paid plans. We recommend you to go with SITE123 Professional Plan to create a Business or a ecommerce website. However you are a blogger you could go with Advanced Plan.

SITE123 Pricing

SITE123 comes with one free plan and four paid plans. The free plan gives you the all the essentials features you need to build and publish a new website. You will also get access to SITE123 templates, basic customization, 500MB of storage, and 1GB of bandwidth which is more than enough to to start with, but you will be stuck with a SITE123 domain and ads on your website. 


The paid plan comes with four payment periods each with different monthly pricing. You can pay every three months or every one, two or three years depending on your requirement, the longer you subscribe to a plan, the cheaper your monthly fee will be. Lets discuss about the various paid plans of SITE123 in detail.

Plans & Comparison




Free Trial

Website builder
Free Templates

500 MB Storage

2 GB Bandwidth

SITE123 Ads

24 X 7 Tech Support


at ₹390/mo

Features of Free+

Free Domain
Remove Ads
10 GB Storage
5 GB Bandwidth

Value for Money


at ₹794/mo

Features of Basic+

30 GB Storage
15 GB Bandwidth
1,000 Mailing List
2 Mailboxes

1 Additional language

Expert's Choice


at ₹1198/mo

Features of Advanced+

90GB Storage
45GB Bandwidth

2,500 Mailing List
5 Mailboxes
3 Additional Languages

500 Orders per month
Credit Card Gateways
Website Statistics


at ₹1602/mo

Features of Professional+

270GB Storage
135GB Bandwidth

10,000 Mailing List
10 Mailboxes
5 Additional Languages
Unlimited orders per month
Advanced E-commerce
Wish List
Store Reviews
Abandoned Cart
SEO Advisor


If you are lookin ready made website builder may be because you are less on time or don't want to put much effort creating your website but still want a professional design. SITE123 is for you.

Experts Verdict

Overall we can say that SITE123 is a simple and easy to use website builder. It comes with lots of ready made design that makes website creation very easy. The templates are responsive in nature and suits perfectly for desktop as well as mobile sites. SITE123 offers both blogging and e-commerce functionality in its various paid plans.

While choosing SITE 123 it should be kept in mind that it is a beginner friendly website builder that comes with limited features. Hence you might find it limiting while trying to create a customized or complex websites. The other shortcoming of Site123 is the quality of its features. However, they invest in the features and keep improving them.

SITE123 offer best help and support services as compared to any one else in market. You could literally connect to their support agent in just one click and get your issue resolved in minutes. Site123 is best for home or small business websites that need an online space to showcase their products, business information and contact details and acquire online customers.


Webflow is the best alternative to SITE123 in all aspects.

SITE123 Alternatives

If you are trying to create a fully customized website or may be looking for more features then you will definitely feel limited on SITE123. To avoid that we are here to give you alternatives to SITE123 which we feel are more powerful, responsive, customizable, and may be a little cost effective.



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