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Strikingly: Best for Creating Landing Pages Quickly

Strikingly is Best for creating landing pages for Affiliate Marketing

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Shubham Gupta

Updated: Today 1:04 PM

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Striking is a simple website builder that offers a variety of professional yet beautiful templates. Though it is focused on absolute beginners, it can still compete with some sophisticated brands like Squarespace. It may not be the best website builder in the market, but it does take care of its customers with excellent customer support and affordable pricing.

Our experts tested each and every aspect of Strikingly and found it best for creating landing pages or single page websites. But before diving deep let's have a glance at the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Strikingly


✔️ Beginner-friendly

✔️ Excellent customer support

✔️ Best for landing pages

✔️ Value for money
✔️ Beautiful templates designs

✔️ Switch templates anytime

✔️ Responsive Designing

✔️ Free Domain


❌ Not good for SEO

❌ Limited Customization

❌ Poor Scalibility


Stringly is perfect for creating professional landing pages and small business websites.

What to Expect?

So you want to create your own website but have no technical experience? Take it easy you are not the only one!


It has always been said that "Change is Constant". And the best thing in the world of website building is that it's changing. Strikingly believes that anyone can create their own website without any technical knowledge or skills and we agree with it.


Strikingly aims to make your website affordable and quick, which is great for both personal and small businesses. It offers professional templates with little creative control that put speed over complex editing. So if you're looking for a professional website in less time, Strikingly is definitely for you!

Strikingly: Create A Landing Page In Minutes


Striking beginner friendly website builder. All you have to do is choose a template, upload your pictures, and write attractive text and you are done.


Strikingly has a built-in analytics feature that lets you get detailed report of your website.


Strikingly offers beautiful and professional templates to choose from. Though there are less options, but it's a good place to start.

Why Strikingly?

Strikingly has a very simple and straightforward editor that protects you from complex editing and helps you create a product landing pages or any single-page website in just a few minutes. Strikingly has got a very modern and attractive design layout that helps you to pull visitors to your landing page converts them into potential customers. We will discuss few important features of Strikingly below:

Easy To Use

Striking is truly designed for beginners. All you have to do is choose a template, upload your pictures, and write attractive text for your website and you are done. You can customize your site without spending a lot of time or money. You can create a website very quick that does the basics without stressing your out.


The templates themselves are easy to use. Plus, they're all completely mobile friendly also you can change templates as often as you want and everything will be reformatted for you automatically.

strikingly editor tutorial


Like most website builders, Strikingly has a built-in analytics feature that lets you see how many people have visited your website, including the countries they viewed from, when they visited your website, and device they used like Mobile, Desktop or Tablet. You can filter statistics depending on various time frames. This standard analysis function is the only one available in Strikingly and gives you an overview of the traffic from your site.

strikingly analytics

Professional Templates

Strikingly offers beautiful and professional templates to choose from. Though there are only a few dozen options, but it's a good place to start. You might not get much design freedom like Webflow but if you look at the positive side you don't have to do complex editing which saves a lot of time. You can always tweak your options like Colors, layout, design and other functions as you wish, at no additional cost also you can switch your template any time you want.

strikingly best template


Strikingly let's you create a landing page for you product or service in just few minutes.


​Whether you are a small business of just starting up, Strikingly offers you great tools and templates to start with.

What's Strikingly For?

As we have already discussed that strikingly is best for creating product landing pages or single page websites that serves great for small business, lead generation, events page or affiliate marketing. Strikingly website builder is the best choice for affiliate marketting and lead generation. Lets discuss each of them below:

Landing Pages

If you are affiliate marketer or trying to generate lead for email marketing, then strikingly is definitely the best choice for you. Strikingly let's you create a landing page for you product or service in just few minutes so you could focus more on marketing and other aspects.

Strikingly also comes with in build analytics for you to analyze the data of your progress by the end of day. It also come with various email marketing tools so that you could target your specific users by collecting their email and sending them offers regularly.

Business Websites

Whether you are a small business of just starting up, Strikingly offers you great tools and templates to start with. Strikingly lets you showcase your business details online and build trust with your customers.


You could also add up to 500 products in you online store created using strikingly. However, we don't recommend using Strikingly for online business as Strikingly's ecommerce is not that powerful. But with less time and stress of customization Strikingly definitely serves to be the best option for you.

strikinlgy website builder


Whether you are a marketer or a small business owner, we recommend you to go with Pro Plan

Strikingly Pricing

Strikingly comes with one free plan and three paid plans. With each free or paid plan you could create unlimited number of free websites so that you could test your website before purchasing a premium plan. The Limited plan gives you more bandwidth and storage, but you can only remove the Strikingly brand from your site on Pro Plam and above. The Pro plan is clearly the most popular plan of Strikingly, with this plan you not only get your own domain, but you can also create multi-page websites and sell up to 300 products. While it's true that Strikingly lets you sell products with any plan, including the free one, we highly recommend our readers to go with the Pro Plan.

Plans & Comparison




Free Trial

Website builder
Free Templates

Limited Features

Strikingly Ads

24X7 Tech Support


at $8/mo

Free Domain
2 Limited Sites
Unlimited Free Sites
50 GB Bandwidth
1 GB storage per site
5 products per site

Value for Money


at $16/mo

3 Pro Sites
Unlimited Bandwidth
3 GB storage per site
Up to 300 products per site
Site Membership
Custom Forms
Multiple Pages
Strikingly App Store
Mobile Action Buttons
Customize Checkout
Store Product Reviews
Embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Remove Strikingly Branding
Password Protect Your Site
Site Search
Custom Font Upload

Expert's Choice


at $49/mo

5 Pro Sites
10 GB total storage per site
Multiple Membership Tiers
Send Newsletters - 2000/mo
Up to 500 products per site
Priority Customer Service
English Phone Support
Account Management


Find out if Strikingly is right for your business...

Experts Verdict

Overall we recommend using strikingly, but we also recommend spending a little cash to make sure the Strikingly branding is removed from your website. There is no doubt that Strikingly is best for creating single page layouts & landing pages. It also comes with an e-commerce functionality which could be of great use for for small business & online shops.


So, if all you need is a small event website, personal portfolio event, or any other type of landing page, Strikingly is perfect for you. You will be able to set up your website and publish it online no time. However, if you want to create a complex website, you should check out Webflow


Jimdo is the best no code alternative to Strikingly

Strikingly Alternatives

There is no doubt that Strikingly is the best website builder when it comes to creating landing pages and small websites stress-free without any coding skills of technical knowledge. However it might not meet everyone's requirement because of limited customization and less variety. Hence we have compiled a list of website builders that could serve as an alternative to Strikingly.



A simple, most easiest and fastest website builder with built in Artificial Intelligence

Starting @ ₹300/mo



A modern website buider with drag and drop feature for business websites

Starting @ $12/mo



A beginner friendly and esy to use website builder, best for small business sites.

Starting @ ₹199/mo

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